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DIY and have fun is the goal of ABS-Maker Workgroup. We are pupils and teachers of the ABS from all school types or occupations. Since October 2017 we meet once a week to work on different projects.
Gradually, we work out a “hackerspace” with small and medium-sized tools and machine tools, which we then use for further projects.

We want to work on projects together. We enrich the joint crafts, because we are all from different school types and thus everyone brings his own expertise. We complement each other and exchange new ideas with each other. Thus, we work across disciplines and go beyond the traditional school topics. On the one hand, we combine content from all educational branches of the ABS, on the other hand, it is also about the personal interests of the participants. Incidentally, there is also a competence development and promotion here, but do not betray anyone – it stays with us 😉

What came out so far? We have already dealt with the following projects:
• Analog clock with moving coil meters
• PCB etching system
• Front door automation
• UV exposure system
• CNC portal milling machine
• Matrix ticker with LED bands
• Retro Pi Gameboy
• levitation facility
• Steampunk lamps
• Tetris-Bilderrahem
• Children’s vehicle parking grid

Work in progress: We would like to start the following projects soon:
• Public relations projects ABS (for example for the open house, general projects for kindergartens, for example)
• projects from the private environment of the students (hobby, clubs, etc.)
• Projects from the College of ABS
• Up and Recycling projects to promote environmental awareness
• product development and design (for example steampunk lamps)
• Product distribution through the student company of ABS
• Develop and test recipes for a gamer cookbook